There are so many questions couples have when they get engaged or decide to commit to one another. 
Please email me if you have a question you would like answered!
Did You Know: 
Every flower has a traditional meaning, such as ivy for wedded love and fidelity, amaryllis for beauty inside and out, or tiger lilies for happiness and prosperity.
Q. What are the legal requirements to get married in Colorado?
A. Both parties must be 18 (or have judicial approval under 18), be legally free to marry or enter into a civil union, and not entering a prohibited marriage or union. Blood tests and waiting periods are not required in Colorado, and applicants do not need to be Colorado residents. 
Please visit the Resources page for the State website and a listing of County offices.
Q. How do we apply for a marriage licence?
A. If both parties are over age 18, you must both go to a county clerk and recorder’s office to sign an application and pay the fee for the licence. Currently the fee is $30, and I highly recommend bringing the fee in cash. 
You must both bring proof of your age and identity, such as a driver’s licence, a state identification card, or passport, and if you have a SSN you may be required to provide it.
If either party is divorced or has dissolved a prior civil union, you must provide the date of the divorce or dissolution, and the type of court, city, and state where the divorce was granted. 
To find your Colorado county clerk & recorder's office, please visit the Resources page.
Q. Are same sex weddings legal in Colorado?
A. Happily, YES!
Q. Who can perform marriages in Colorado?
A. If you choose to have someone officiate your wedding for a legal marriage, the officiant must be either an officer of the court (judge of a court, a retired judge, a court magistrate, a public official whose powers include certification of civil unions and/or marriages), a Native-American tribe official, or an ordained member of the clergy. 
Colorado also allows for a couple to self-solemnize, and has Common-Law marriage laws. To ensure that a proper, legal marriage takes place, hiring a professional officiant (who should be an ordained member of the clergy) is your best bet.
Q. What areas do you cover?
A. I primarily perform wedding officiant services in the greater Denver/Boulder metro area, along the Front Range and up in the Rocky Mountains in the Vail Valley, Breckenridge, Granby and Estes Park, but I will happily travel to perform your ceremony at the location of your choice all over Colorado and beyond! Please visit the Services page for more information about the service area and travel fees.
Q. What should I expect from a wedding officiant?
A. The celebrant or officiant is the presenter and communicator of your feelings in a ceremony. You should feel comfortable with the person you choose to conduct your wedding. You should check that the celebrant is professional, pleasant, and understands what you want for your special day. They should be clear about what they offer you, how they will work with you and/or your wedding planner, and should put it all in writing, including the cost for the officiant's services in a contract. Your officiant should also file the marriage or civil union licence with the appropriate office in a timely fashion after the ceremony.
Q. What should a contract include?
A. Your contract should clearly state:
                  - the date, time and place of your ceremony
                  - all details of the ceremony requested
                  - the time of arrival of the celebrant 
                  - any items which the celebrant will need to supply (for example, a sound system or podium)
                  - any items the couple is responsible for obtaining (for example, the licence or unity candles)
                  - the date, time and place of the rehearsal (if any)
                  - the fee that you have agreed to pay and the timeline of payment
                  - that you have the final say over the content of the ceremony
In addition, some high profile or celebrity couples may require a Confidentiality Agreement. I am happy to provide this type of contract for discreet service.
Q. What are the officiant's fees?
A. Each ceremony is unique and special. I will work with you to achieve an affordable ceremony that incorporates all the elements you desire for your special day. My fees in 2023 range from $495 to $1195 (plus any travel-based fees if applicable), based on the complexity of the design, and how much time is anticipated from the start of working together to the completion of the ceremony. A non-refundable retainer of $200 is required at the time of booking in order to secure your wedding date. Please visit the Services page for more information about fees.
Q. Do you have any suggestions for us before we call you?
A. There's no such thing as a silly question! Please write down any questions, ideas, special requests or concerns you may have so that we can go over everything when we meet. And if there's anything you meant to ask but forgot, you can always call or email me.
Q. What do you do after the ceremony?
A. After the ceremony, I will file the marriage licence with the appropriate civic office either by hand delivering the licence whenever the county is within the service area, or by Priority Mail or FedEx. I will also provide you with a keepsake certificate and a printed copy of your Wedding or Ceremony Service ceremony.
Q. What does the bride do with her engagement ring during the ceremony?
A. Most brides wear their engagement ring on their right hand, and transfer it to the left hand after the ceremony so that the rings may be admired at the reception. In order for the wedding ring to sit closest to the heart, tradition has it that the wedding ring is placed on the left ring finger, followed by the engagement ring, and then by the eternity ring if applicable. 
Q. Will you dress up for our theme wedding?
A. Yes! I will do whatever it takes to make your ceremony as perfect as I can. I am happy to wear whatever suits your wedding style, from smart, formal or casual clothes to a suit, a robe and stole, a specific colour, or even a costume! I make my own stoles, so if you would like me to match your wedding's colour scheme, I can. I'm also happy to learn phrases in different languages or do an accent for your special day.!
Q. Do you perform gay weddings?
A. Yes! When two people find love it should be honoured and celebrated. I am an advocate for equality and will gladly perform gay weddings and civil unions as permitted by law for each state or country, and also commitment ceremonies where legal protections aren't available to same-sex couples. 
Q. We want a wedding, but not to be legally joined - can we do that?
A. I offer a Commitment Ceremony to express your love and commitment to each other, which is like a wedding, just without the legal civil union or marriage licence, wording that states or implies marriage, husband or wife, or pronouncement as married, and is suitable for all couples who wish to celebrate their love without a legal tie. All the solemnity and reverence, joy and love is celebrated in exactly the same way as a regular ceremony, as couples pledge their love, lives and commitment to each other, with beautiful vows, exchange of rings and signing of the Commitment Certificate.
Q. Do we need a rehearsal?
A. It depends! 
If you have a large wedding party or a complex ceremony, I highly recommend a rehearsal, as it is helpful to not just for the couple, but also for those doing readings or participating in any rituals. A rehearsal allows everyone in the wedding party to run through what will happen during the ceremony, and what is expected of them and when, so that on the day the ceremony is smooth and enjoyable. For simple ceremonies, a rehearsal isn't always necessary, but they can provide a sense of familiarity on a very exciting day. I also recommend inviting your photographer and the provider of music for your ceremony to come along to the rehearsal. Some songs have a long introduction, so having the DJ there ensures they know exactly when to cue your recessional song, and for photographers, knowing when in the ceremony you will be performing something special, such as a unity ceremony or signing the licence, ensures they are right in position to capture the best pictures!
If you are having a simple ceremony, without any moving parts, then a rehearsal is often not necessary as most couples have enough experience to walk in and out without one.
Q. How does a wedding go?
A. A typical wedding programme will often contain all or several of the following elements:
      Option:   Before the Processional begins, the officiant asks guests to silence their cellphones and put away their cameras.
                     1.   The prelude (the officiant calls for attention, or the music changes)
                     2.   The wedding processional (the wedding party walks down the aisle)
                     3.   The opening of the ceremony & welcoming of the guests
                     4.   Some words from your officiant on love & marriage 
                     5.   Wedding poems, spiritual or romantic readings
                     6.   The wedding vows
                     7.   The ring exchange
                     8.   Performing the ceremony inclusions (Unity Candle or Anniversary Box, for example)
                     9.   Marriage blessing or wedding prayer
                   10.   The pronouncement of marriage or commitment
                    11.   The introduction of the newly married couple
                    12.  The wedding recessional
                   13.  The receiving line (if desired)
                   14.   Signing of the marriage licence and/or certificate
Q. Will you come to my location?
A. Yes, I will perform your ceremony at the location of your choice, from gardens and parks, to hotels, restaurants, chapels, homes, or even in a hot air balloon! If you are within the Denver/Boulder metro areas, there is no additional travel fee. Outside the designated service area, a mileage fee will apply. In certain circumstances, it is appropriate for you to provide a hotel room for an overnight stay. I am also available for destination weddings both in the USA and internationally.


Q. How should we pay you?
A. When you have chosen your date, I require a non-refundable retainer of just $200 in order to secure your booking on that day. I will hold a tentative booking for up to 7 days to give you time to pay the retainer. Payment of the retainer may be made by personal cheque, cash, credit card or online with PayPal or Venmo, or you may wish to request an invoice. The balance may be paid no later than 14 days before the ceremony date, in cash prior to the ceremony by arrangement, or if you wish to pay in full at the time of booking, you can do that, too!
Q. What's the retainer and how does it work?
A. The retainer is a non-refundable portion of your package fee. It secures my services for your wedding date and ensures that I will be there to perform your ceremony. The retainer is deducted from the package fee that you choose, and can be paid before you decide on a package, with the balance of your package paid later. 
Q. What are your rules as to photography?
A. You may photograph or film your entire ceremony as you like. You should have all the records of your special day you want! I will ask if you allow me to select a photo of us to post on my website - it is entirely up to you. Some couples aren't comfortable with their image on the internet, and I respect that. Others are more than happy to allow me to share their special day online. I do appreciate getting photos and video of your wedding!
Q. We're a high profile couple - can you be discreet?
A. Absolutely! Many of my couples wish to keep their wedding as a personal affair, and I have a Confidentialty Agreement that can be included in the contract to ensure your complete privacy. Unless you specifically give me permission to include you in my website or social media activity, I maintain a strict policy of client confidentiality.
Q. What venues are you familiar with?
A. I have performed weddings at most venues in and around the Denver/Boulder metro area. There are of course still some I have yet to visit! Some of my favourite venues are listed on the Resources page.
Q. You say you have an accent - what does it sound like?
A. My accent is a bit of a hodge-podge really - a little bit Kiwi, a little bit British & a little bit American - sort of a mix of all the places I lived as a young person! If you would like to hear a sample, please watch the video on my Home page.

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