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Reverend Kim Tavendale is an ordained minister & wedding officiant serving the greater Boulder & Denver metro areas.
Services include weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, civil unions, gay weddings, handfastings, baby blessings, house blessings and remembrance services.
Non-denominational, inter-faith, spiritual & secular services. LGBT friendly.
I'm Kim, and I am an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, the Church of Spiritual Humanism, and American Marriage Ministries, and I love to perform weddings!
I believe that we are all children of the universe, no matter what religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We are all deserving of respect. Everyone is entitled to worship and celebrate according to what is right for them, and my ministry and celebrant service aims to support you and your choices in celebrating the special and important occasions in your life.
From the completely secular to non-denominational Christian or inter-faith ceremonies, to the purely pagan or spiritual, my goal is to provide a celebration service that is meaningful to you. I have experience with many different cultures, languages and religions, and am comfortable in the most formal settings through to the barefoot backyard party, so please feel free to express your wants in devising the perfect ceremony for you.
On a personal note, my husband, and I are originally from New Zealand, and are proud to be American citizens. We have been happily married since 2001, have 2 children, love standard poodles, and live in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado.
To learn more about the services I offer, please visit the Ceremonies and Services pages, and the Schedule page for availability. To learn about upcoming wedding show events, please visit the Events page. If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to Contact me!

Introducing Rev. Victoria Maxwell
I am so delighted to introduce my colleague, Reverend Victoria Maxwell as an associate officiant. Victoria and I have been friends for many years and I describe her as the "blonde American version of me!"
Originally from California, her bubbly personality and wide experience with all sorts of people and social situations make her a perfect complement to your wedding. Rev. Victoria will happily stand in for me when I am unavailable, and is also a wonderful choice to officiate at your wedding, or any other type of service. Please email her!

"Reverend Kim Tavendale? We loved her! She made it easy to plan our ceremony even though we don't live in Colorado. She took the time to get to know us over the phone, and designed a ceremony that was completely our style. We felt like she really understood who we are. I couldn't dream of a better fit... one of our favorite vendors!"
Diana & Theo

Engaged Couple's Interview With Reverend Kim Tavendale...
Please take a moment to read this before hiring Rev. Kim.
Q. How long have you been during what you do and why did you become an officiant?
People kept saying how much they loved my accent & how they would love to have me marry them and capture it on video, and I would laugh and think they were very sweet! I am originally from New Zealand, so my accent is a little bit Kiwi, a little bit British and a little bit American. But after a dear friend made the request, I was ordained in 2009 so I could perform her wedding. Then an engaged couple asked if I would do theirs, and since I adore love stories, one couple led to another and then another, and I was hooked on hitching people!
Q. We love your Services and Packages. Everything sounds fantastic. So can you tell me what sets you apart from all the other officiants?
Well, apart from the fact that I sound different to most officiants (lol!) one of the main differences is that I custom write each ceremony for each couple. I mean, no two couples are exactly the same, so why should their ceremonies be the same?! I strive to create ceremonies that are personal, heartfelt and that will hold the interest of your family and friends in attendance. My goal is to incorporate your personalities and your story into your wedding ceremony so it truly reflects who you are as a couple. I also give you a keepsake copy of the ceremony so you always have the words that united you on your wedding day. I'm also very open to doing whatever I can to make your day as perfect as I can, so if you want me to dress up in a costume, or learn phrases in another language, I will!
Q. This all seems wonderful, but it also seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford this?
As with everything, you really do get what you pay for. The relatively small outlay for a professional officiant could mean the difference between smiling or cringing when you look back at your wedding. As a professional officiant, I take pride in what I do. I want to be the very best, and give you your perfect ceremony.
Not everyone can stand in front of an audience and officiate, so someone who is not a minister, celebrant or an experienced public speaker may get stage fright, blurt out something inappropriate, or chicken out at the last minute, leaving you embarrassed or in the lurch. Your memories of your ceremony should be joyous and focused on the beautiful vows you made to one another, not on the terrible job so-and-so did.
My fees are exceptionally reasonable, given the time and care I put into meeting with you, being available to you by phone and email, researching traditions, readings and other elements of your wedding, drafting and editing your ceremony, travel, the rehearsal, not to mention the big day itself! After all is said and done, the ceremony is the reason for the celebration!
Photograph courtesy of Nicole Nichols Pgotography
Q. Who do you work best with?

I love to work with couples who want something unique for their ceremony. I custom write each ceremony for each couple. That way, we can be sure to include everything a couple wants (and nothing they don't want!) in their ceremony. So the best couples for me are ones who want to express their personalities and interests in their ceremony, or who are looking for someone who is just as at home in the finest hotels as the friendliest backyards, who will craft a personal, fun and heartwarming ceremony just for them.
On the professional side, it is really helpful to be able to work with your planner or day-of co-ordinator, or the venue co-ordinator, and also your phtographer and DJ or musicians for the ceremony. That way, we can cover all the bases, such as where the ceremony will take place, any tables or equipment that we'll need, and how we will communicate when everyone is ready to start the ceremony. Your photographer can then know in advance what picture-perfect moments will happen throughout the ceremony and be in the best position to capture them for you, and your DJ/musicians will know exactly when to play your chosen songs!

Q. Who is not going to benefit from your help?
Couples who are being married in their church by their pastor, rabbi or priest may not need my help. However, there are a great many couples who don't belong to a church, or have different religions, or aren't particularly religious, or are atheists, or are more spiritual in their beliefs, or are a same-sex couple, who would prefer a professional officiant to conduct their ceremony. Some churches have a policy of not performing ceremonies outside of their location, so couples wanting to hold a ceremony at their desried location may need a professional officiant. From parks to restaurants, hotels to mountainsides, chapels, backyards, amusement parks, hot air balloons and private homes, I am happy to perform your wedding ceremony wherever you want it to be!
Q. Do you have a back up if you can't be there?
Absolutely! Part of my service is to draft the entire ceremony so that you can review everything that will be said and done during your ceremony and make any and all changes that you want to it. I have several other ministers I can call on to faithfully perform the ceremony as approved by you, in the unlikely event that I am unable to attend. I am pleased to introduce my associate officiant, Rev. Victoria Maxwell who can not only stand in for me, but also is a wonderful officiant.
Q. Will I lose control of my ceremony if you are writing it for me?
The short answer here is - no! It's your day, so it's my goal to provide you with the ceremony that you both want. After meeting with you, I will spend hours in front of my computer creating the first draft of your ceremony, sending it to you both for your input, making the changes you want, and sending it back and forth until you are completely satisfied. It really is your day, and the ceremony really is all about you two.
Q. Will you work with the vendors I've already found or the people I really want to work with?
Of course! You should feel comfortable with everyone who is helping you make your wedding day dream come true. When your wedding vendors work well together, it makes your special day go so much smoother. That is one of the reasons I belong to StudioWed and other industry groups - being able to work with trusted professionals that I know do a fabulous job for their clients is very important for a great outcome. It also means I have many resources at my fingertips.
Q. Do you take credit cards, and can I have a payment plan?
Yes, I do offer the option to use a credit card in person or through PayPal on my Payments page. Payment of the packages is in two parts - the first payment is a non-refundable retainer to secure your booking on your chosen wedding date, with the second payment of the balance to be paid prior to the ceremony. I try to be as accommodating as possible so as to work within your budget and timeline.
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Q. Do you take more than one wedding per day?

If you wish to reserve your day as an exclusive date, you may do so with the Platinum package.
I try to schedule ceremonies at a minimum of 3 to 4 hours apart, depending on location, to ensure I have plenty of time to finish one ceremony and arrive at the next ceremony at the appointed time.
However, if you are planning a wedding somewhere where it wouldn't be reasonable to drive to the rehearsal and back to my home and then to the wedding and back, an Exclusive Day option is available so that you can be assured of my complete attention for your entire wedding.

Q. This sounds like everything we've been looking for. What happens next to start the process?
A. The next step is for you to call me at the office on 720.432.1650 or on my cell 561.306.4382 to set up your complimentary 'get acquainted' consultation. I want to hear about your needs and find out which package fits your personalities, style and budget best.
Q. May we contact some former clients or vendors to see what it's like to work with you?
A. Absolutely! You can also look at some testimonials right now.
Q. We have a couple more questoins before getting started. Can I call you to discuss further?
Yes - your questions are important to me, which is why I offer a complimentary consultation, and you can reach me on 720.432.1650 or 561.306.4382 (my cellphone). I'm always happy to talk to you about your wedding!


mailing : p.o. box 20933, boulder, colorado 80308
studiowed : 821 santa fe drive, colorado 80204
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